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About Yes K&L

Democracy functions best when the most people participate

Most voters are unaware that, in the City of San Diego, our most important elections often end in the June primary because of an outdated election law. This leaves voters without an opportunity to vote for these representatives and ballot measures in the November election, when the most people participate.

Measure K uses the same nonpartisan top-two runoff process we use to elect the Governor, state legislators, and members of Congress.

Measures K eliminates voter confusion caused by using a different process for city elections.

Measure L uses the same process used for state initiatives in California, placing them on the November general election ballot when the most people vote.

The city’s current system gives political parties and special interests more influence in the June election, and leaves many voters out of the process.

Supporters of Yes on K&L

City Leaders

Sherri Lightner

President, San Diego City Council

“We should do everything we can as elected officials to ensure our citizenry feels empowered. Yes on K&L will make sure that the most important decisions in our city are made when the greatest number of voters are engaged.”

Todd Gloria

San Diego City Councilman

“This is one of those issues that has nothing to do with insider politics, and everything to do with us putting aside our partisan differences to recognize that elections serve voters and nobody else. Join me in voting Yes on K&L”

Alan Arrollado

President, San Diego Fire Fighters

"There is no question more voters turnout for the November General Election than the June primary. Measures K&L will ensure that when it comes to the biggest decisions that impact our city’s future, the most people will be participating at the ballot box. It’s why the local fire fighters support Measures K&L."

Chuck Abdelnour

Retired San Diego City Clerk and Chief Elections Officer

“Measures K&L eliminate the confusion, allowing a larger and more informed public to weigh in on issues important for all of us.”

Rev. J. Lee Hill Jr.

Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance

“Minority voters are underrepresented at the ballot box in June. That fact is undeniable. My community deserves an equal and substantial voice in determining the fate of our city’s future. Right now that is not happening, and measures K&L will ensure the much needed election reforms that our city so desperately needs.”

Scott Barnett

San Diego Taxpayers Advocate

“Having run the San Diego County Taxpayers Association for 7 years, I can attest to the importance of elections that serve the voters, not special interests. Politicians are unaccountable to you because they get elected in low turnout primaries controlled by special interests. I am voting Yes on K&L because it shines a light on city hall. Democracy works best when the most people vote.”

Organizational Support

Measures K&L ensure big decisions are made by a majority of voters

The city’s current system allows candidates to win elections in the June primary with votes from a small fraction of the people they represent. As few as 20 percent of voters cast ballots in June elections. Measure K ensures final decisions on candidates are made in November, when as many as 80 percent of voters cast ballots. For the same reason, Measure L schedules decisions on city ballot measures in November, when the most people vote.

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